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    Zakros Palace

    The Minoan palace of Zakros

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    Beach of Zakros

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Travel Guide

Visit unique and historical places in Zakros

  • Minoan Palace

    Minoan Palace

    This is where the 4th Minoan Palace in Crete was dug out, which is the only one not looted. It was built at around 1600 B.C., consisted of 180 rooms and extended to 8.000 sq. m. D.G. Hogarth first started digs in the site, but the main digger of the palace is Professor Platon. The Ancient Zakros Palace is smaller than the other palaces but is similarly set as the palaces in Knossos and Festos. It has a main (paved) courtyard around...

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  • Gorge of the Dead

    Gorge of the Dead

    The Gorge of the dead is one of the most interesting gorges in Crete. It lies at the end of the European 4 Path, starts from the settlement of Pano Zakros and ends in the beach of Kato Zakros. The name “Gorge of the Dead” was given due to the many Minoan...

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  • Pelekiton Cave

    Pelekiton Cave

    Pelekiton Cave deserves special mention, one of the largest caves in Crete. 5 km from Kato Zakros, it can be visited on foot or on a small boat. It is 310 meters long, there is a small lake at its end and in diggings in its interior...

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  • The Water's Path

    The Water's Path

    The existence of water used to and still is playing quite an important role in the financial and social activity of the residents of Zakros. The financial structure, the neighborhoods, the residents activities are moving in parallel ways with “The Water’s Path”. A path being carved by the strength of the water’s movement for thousnads of years, starting from the largest source in Zakros, the “Mesa Milos”, until it meets the Gorge and...

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