Minoa Palace

This is where the 4th Minoan Palace in Crete was dug out, which is the only one not looted. It was built at around 1600 B.C., consisted of 180 rooms and extended to 8.000 sq. m. D.G. Hogarth first started digs in the site, but the main digger of the palace is Professor Platon. The Ancient Zakros Palace is smaller than the other palaces but is similarly set as the palaces in Knossos and Festos. It has a main (paved) courtyard around which stands the building in a labyrinthine set-up, with three western entrances and one main entrance with an altar.

At the western side of the palace one can find officials’ rooms, while the northern side has symposium areas, light ducts, while large basins were also found, which had a place in religious worship. The main apartments and the various workshops were in the eastern and southern side respectively. The location of the palace was greatly important, because it could trade with the East, as well as the other Palaces in the island.